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Katie Kuiper

Katie 1913


Be advised that the information contained herein was dictated to Linda Rogers in February of 1984 (SHE WAS 83). Katie Kuiper signed the original "Next-to-Last" Last Will and Testament found in this document to signify that she had been read the contents of this document and agreed with all the information contained therein. On more than one occasion, this document was read to her, in parts, in the presence of one or more of her family to clarify certain dates or incidents. Therefore, you may take it that THE MESSAGES LEFT BY HER ARE HER OWN WORDS AND WERE, INDEED, HER WISHES AND DESIRES AND MEMORY !!!!! (. . . and not the words of the transcriber). (Transcriber notes are annotated by '[ ]' brackets).

Also, the contents of this document were copied directly to a manuscript outline published by McMahan, Box 1537, Escondido, CA 92025, and authored by Harry and Gloria McMahan. This manuscript format was utilized as an outline and the information subsequently would have been placed in an original manuscript form as authored by Katie Kuiper; this was impossible due to her death and therefore, the original manuscript outline is maintained and credits duly given to the authors of the original manuscript outline.

-Linda Rogers

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