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Contents of Grandpa's cigar box

Per Jenny Kuiper Douma in 1978, grandpa was known to his own family as "Ake Pe" which translates to practical joker.

How Long, O Lord?
You’re quoting from the sixth chapter of Isaiah, aren’t you, Child?
Until cities lie waste without inhabitant, and houses without men, and the land is utterly desolate…
Actually, there is a note of protest in the question as asked by Isaiah, for we might say he was unwilling to accept the finality of the Lord’s judgement…
How Long? All your life, Child…All Your life…

Author Unknown


Angry Rob was angry.

He sat on the green couch in his yellow living room and drank a bottle of root beer. He put down the root beer and went outside.

“Life is so meaningless,” Rob said. “You live and then you die.”

“Why are we here?” Rob yelled. “Is it to love? Is it to learn? Is it to accomplish something great? Is it to fulfill some fate? Rob asked. “Or is it simply to enjoy the moment? To stand on the warm grass in my bare feet and enjoy what nature provides? To enjoy the song of the nightingale? To enjoy the smell of the lilacs? To enjoy the taste of a plum?”

A tree feel on Rob. Rob died.

Not all of nature is enjoyable.

Steven Pasti


Grandma Was Quite
A Lady As Told by Grandma Herself

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