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Adam Oury

Did you know that Adam was a "Child of God?"

Such a Child of Imagination, with his father's sparkle eyes and touch of his mothers lips.

Adam had a tender heart and I felt he always gave me spiritual sustenance. He gave me A new name too ...."Nana Thomas Oury".

I remember the day I walked into his Church's sanctuary. There he stood at the front wearing
A white tuxedo, one hand in his pocket and his foot on a step. It was my proudest day I became his God Mother.

I was glad to attend his open houses at Christian school. On the corner of his paper...there
Was my favorite too, "The Tasmanian Devil."

He liked Spiderman as well! Oh how he flew through the house with his Spiderman
Jammies and his matching towel.

He did well in Christian School both in So. California and Albuquerque. His favorite song was
"My God Is An Awesome God."

He steadily grew in faith. We had occasion to hear him recite his verses in church.

Child of God in spirit but a child no more, now a young man. I noticed the day of the recital the snow slowly fell.

Always a child of God, may God keep Adam along with our dearly departed.

I will never forget you, love you and cherish you,

Nana Thomas Oury


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